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What is a Stretch Tent?

A flexible waterproof fabric that is able to withstand the British elements with ease. Able to stay in situ through heavy winds and torrential rain, they also are a great option for shade creating restate from the sun on hot summer days. They have no rigid structure and can be pitched/rigged almost anywhere, from fields to rooftops and anywhere in between.

Is a Stretch Tent a better option?

Most likely yes. Stretch offer flexibility that no other temporary structure can, at least not any that would look half as good. Stretch tents really outshine other options when spaces are tight or ground conditions are trying. The rigging methods afforded to stretch tents mean they can venture where other structures can't.

What size tent will i need?

This depends on the requirements of your event. Supplying us with as much detail as possible in your info request will enable us to advise on the best size tent. We like to visit every site before hand to discuss your requirements first hand. We can also arrange design drawings so your able to see your event (bar, tables, dancefloor) all mapped out.

What is your booking process?

Once everything is tickety-boo we ask for a deposit to secure your chosen date. The deposit is 25% of the total quoted price and the remaining balance is then to be paid no later than 6 x weeks prior to your event date. Please note the deposit is non-refundable, although there are exceptions to this which are explained in our terms and conditions.

How long is the standard hire period?

Normal hire period is for one day only. The tent will be onsite for three days and this is made up as:

  • Day 1 - Setup 

  • Day 2 - Event day

  • Day 3 - Dismantle

We aim to setup as early as possible allowing you and or us time to make it your own. And we aim to dismantle later in the day on day 3 to allow any other suppliers to pack away. Longer hire periods are available and will be priced accordingly.

Are you able to supply other items?

Indeed we are! Not only do we supply tents and the more common associated items such as flooring and lighting etc. we can also provide:

  • Furniture

  • Heating

  • Design/Styling

  • Props

  • Bars

  • DJ's

  • Dancefloors

to name a few. With our list of trusted suppliers we can help with every aspect of your event.

Can the tent be setup anywhere?

Stretch tents have no fixed frame and so are much more flexible in their application compared to other temporary structures. With the multitude of rigging methods available to stretch tents they can be anchored to soft ground, hard ground as 

well as from buildings and other structures. So long as there are no obstructions overhead 

they're go to go!

How long will setup take?

This depends on the size of your tent:

  • Small tent - 2 hrs approx.

  • Medium tent - 2-3 hrs approx.

  • Large tent - 3-4 hrs approx. 

This is based on standard rigging procedures. If complex rigging techniques are required then setup times will adjust accordingly.

What is your damage policy?

A damage deposit is required upon hire of our tents and the amount varies according to your order 

requirements. The deposit will be held and then refunded in accordance with our terms and conditions.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We are able to accept Cash, Cheques and transfer payments such as BACS and bank transfers.