Once upon a time........


A silly man had a crazy idea of setting up his own stretch tent business for him and his family......and he worked and he worked and he worked and he worked.......

True story except it has been very much a labour of love and excitement, not been that crazy and it's taken way more than one silly man........typically a good woman (don't tell her I said that), a gang of brothers, a wonderful sister, another silly man - grandad, and most importantly a truly wonderful Mum!

Phat Pitch Ltd from the outset was all about providing amazing events for wonderful people by a family run business. A family blessed with great work ethics and very creative minds, we were setup to succeed from the start. Still in our infancy, we're full of enthusiasm, dynamic, open minded and loving realising and bringing our customers ideas as well as our own to life.  

The idea came from our own search for a wedding venue back in 2017. We are festival lovers at heart and wanted such a theme for our own big day. The search for a temporary structure had us looking at Tipi's, Big Top Tents as well as Stretch Tents and it was love at first sight......no..........not the wedding, the tents......we fell in love with stretch tents.


Hire enquiries led to purchase enquiries which led to the dream of creating a family business that could put our creative energy and passion for events to a wonderful use......bringing smiles and elation to our customers through our delivery of amazing events. And of course the prospect of building a company and brand synonymous for quality and innovation that the next generation of our family can continue to nurture beyond our years. 


This is the start of something special and we're looking forward to big events, small events, big smiles, many friends and lots of fun 😀