The versitility of the stretch tent means your event design can now include the structure as part of the creative process in its configuration, lighting and decor choices.

Event Design and Management

Event Design

Everyone is different! Some folks know every detail of how they want their event to look and feel, where-as others need a little inspiration. 

By arranging a consultation with us here at

Phat Pitch we can really get to know you, where you're at and how you'd like to wow you guests.


We can then bring that to life!


Our gifted team will then design, source and craft all that's needed to make your ideas a reality. Everything is considered from the smallest details to the wow factor elements. 

Whatever your needs, we're here to help.

We are a family team of creative individuals boasting many years experience in design and styling. We have a real passion for event design and dedicate ourselves to each event as if it were our very own, delivering with professionalism and flair no matter the size or budget.

Your event is our event - so perfection is our goal!

Event Management

Everyone wants to host a memorable event for their guests, so now that its your turn let Phat Pitch take care of all the details.

We can source and facilitate all of your wishes and ideas. Completely curating your whole event, so you simply don't have to.

And because we do all the hard work before, during and after you can relax and just enjoy the party!

We are approachable, friendly and take on each event with positive energy.

Taking on as much or as little of the planning as you'd like, ensuring you have full control, and we'll be on hand from consultation right through to carriages!

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